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Sidereus Nuncius

Sidereus Nuncius #1. Collagraph 2018 43 ½” x 20” 2018

Unfolding Great and Wonderful Sights(1)

Unfolding Great and Wonderful Sights. Monotype 43 ½ ‘ x 31” 2017

Four Celestial Gifts

Four Celestial Gifts. Monotype 2017 30” x 30” 2017

Homage to Galileo or (the Starry Messenger)

Homage to Galileo or (the Starry Messenger). Etching 24 ½ “ x 11” 2018

Illuminated Crescent

Illuminated Crescent. 43 ½ “ x 20” Collagraph 2018

Lunar Spots

Lunar Spots. Collagraph 43 ½ x 20” 2017

Mining the Moon

In our lifetime a man walked on the moon. Today there is renewed interest in comprehensive lunar exploration.  The moon possesses abundant raw materials, gold and platinum, rare earth metals, and water. Regarding the moon as a consumable resource is a unique way to contemplate our celestial companion.

Inspired by NASA photographs and drawings by Galileo, I am on a journey into lunar abstractions. Creating collagraphs, monotypes and digitally altered images, I explore formations of impact craters and ponder the past, the present, and future missions to the moon.

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