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Detail Bamboo and Sand
PuzzleCubes and box
Goodbye 2020 Year at a Glance
Goodby 2020-Detail Folow the Rules
Detail Metamorphoses Land and Skies
Goodby 2020-Detail Contact Tracing
Goodbye 2020- Detail December, Wear a Ma
Goodbye 2020- the year at the close
Goodbye 2020-Detail You are muted
Goodbye 2020-July Jumping out of my skin
Goodbye 2020-Stay Safe
Jack and Frances - Cover with closure
Jack and Francis- Detail-Letter to Jack
Woman and Man Detail1

New England Book Artists

Featured Artist, 2021

We Glide Through Time, 2021
In memory of my Aunt Tonia
musings inspired by her cinquants
12 , 2 " cubes, monotype with Xerox
Cloth covered box.

Wanderlust/ Moments in a Journal of a Lifetime
Wanderlust, 2016


Original Unique Handmade book created for the Ex Libris Exchange, an international collaborative art project sponsored by the Boson/Strasbourg Sister City Association featuring 26 original ARTISTS’ BOOKS.  The journal of George Daniel Flohr (1787) which was the catalyst for the project lead me to an investigation of my own narratives, photographs, sketches and journal entrees collected over fifty years of travel.


This book is my personal journey of time and place reflecting journal writing, musings, sketching and photographs from different inspirational moments in my life.  It employs various artistic mediums, such as watercolor, transfer drawing, etching, handmade kozo paper, and paste papers combined into an accordion book.

Jack and Frances

Jack and Frances

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We glide Through Time

We glide Through Time

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Woman and Man

Woman and Man

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